Kathy and Tim’s wild wedding

It was a wild day for Kathy and Tim’s wedding at Cammeray Waters. The guests watched the gathering storm clouds with justified trepidation as they gathered for the ceremony in the rotunda on the lake. The powers-that-be blessed us, all went well for the ceremony, and we even managed to get about half an hour of lovely photos around the beautiful gardens.

Then the heavens opened for about an hour! It bucketed down! We actually had fun taking photos under the verandahs, with the wild weather in the background. With my local knowledge kicking in, I suggested to a skeptical Kathy we might get a rainbow later at sunset. I think she thought there was a snowflake’s chance in hell of that happening, (to mix my metaphors!).

Nevertheless, I kept an eye out during the reception, looking out over the lake from the fantastic reception centre at Cammeray Waters, and was rewarded by some clear sky opening up over in the west. I crossed my fingers and sure enough, I spotted a small rainbow with potential, over in the north east. I raced over, convinced Kathy and Tim to come outside quickly, and there it was!! A double rainbow covering the whole eastern sky!

With my very wide angle lens I keep with me for just such opportunities, I was able to get a stunning shot of the complete rainbow with the bride and groom. It doesn’t happen that often but it’s worth being prepared to seize the moment. And I love it when I can make the most of the uniquenesss of the day. Three minutes later, the rainbow was gone. C’est la vie!