Flying Camera

I call it my Flying Camera, or Herbie, for short.  Officially it’s a “DJI Phantom UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)”. I hate the word “drone” because of military links, and not many people know what UAV stands for, so Herbie he is!

I purchased Herbie in mid-2013, with some high angles for my real estate photography in mind (which he’s brilliant for). Then the idea hit me that Herbie would be great fun at a wedding! So, in November 2013, I trotted him along to Annmaree and Robert’s wedding at Glen Erin.

I secretly hid Herbie behind a tree, then while Gabbie, my assistant, guided the wedding party through some fun shots down by the lake, I popped behind the tree and fired him up. Well, he DID create quite a stir, and we got some really fun shots.

I firmly believe that Annmaree and Robert’s wedding was the first ever to have a flying camera as part of the fun. I haven’t seen any earlier wedding shots from weddings on the web, anywhere in the world, using a UAV before that date.  I’ve used Herbie at a few weddings since, and he’s certainly a hit when I use him for the group photo!