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  • Strange Wedding Limo!

  • Katie was driven to the wedding in a friend’s vehicle. Not your average wedding limo, but a VERY large Kenworth prime mover! They wanted a photo in front of the truck, naturally. I convinced them to drape themselves over the bonnet. From atop my trusty ladder [...]
  • Kathy and Tim’s wild wedding

  • It was a wild day for Kathy and Tim’s wedding at Cammeray Waters. The guests watched the gathering storm clouds with justified trepidation as they gathered for the ceremony in the rotunda on the lake. The powers-that-be blessed us, all went well for the ceremo[...]
  • Flying Camera

  • I call it my Flying Camera, or Herbie, for short.  Officially it’s a “DJI Phantom UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)”. I hate the word “drone” because of military links, and not many people know what UAV stands for, so Herbie he is! I purchased Herbie in mid-201[...]